Saturday, April 13, 2013

Am I a gamer?

Over the past week, as I've pondered and compiled lists of future topics for this blog, I keep coming back to the same question -"Am I a gamer?"  I suppose the answer depends on what your definition of a 'gamer' is.  Urban Dictionary divides gamers in to 2 categories, Casual Gamers and Hardcore Gamers (see the full definitions here:  While keeps it quite simple, stating:

     gam·er  [gey-mer]
     a person who plays games, especially computer or video games.

By the most basic of definitions, yes I am a gamer. But I think I fall more in to the "casual gamer" subset. Yes, I have a membership to a site that allows me to download games.  Yes, when the newest incarnation of Diner Dash is released I will download and play it obssessively until I complete all the levels.  I play Farmville on Facebook, as well as other games that my FB peers are currently playing. At the moment, Candy Crush is all the rage among many of my FB friends. Yes, I play Angry Birds on my iPad and really want to get 3 stars on all levels to unlock that damn golden egg!!!

My Farm @ Level 142

OK, so as I'm writing this, I am coming to the conclusion that I am indeed a "gamer."  I am also realizing that my gaming habits have more than likely influenced my son's.  So not only do I have to admit to being a gamer, but I need to take reponsibility for creating a "hardcore gamer."  For that is indeed what my son is, no question about it!  But I still think of myself as the "mom of a gamer" rather than a "gamer mom."  Do I have my definitions mixed up?  Have I simply not found my particular niche of "gamer mommies"?  Or is it just a generation gap that separates the degree of gamer between me and my son? What do you think - do I have this blog all wrong?  Am I "gamer mommy" or "mommy of a gamer"?

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